The new frontier of water purification

GOCCIA has capabilities that were previously unthinkable for a water purifier.
Simply install it under the sink and enjoy a helper at home, providing water with a low fixed residue and chemical and physical characteristics like a soft mineral water.

Lasting design

Design as the exaltation of its function: GOCCIA is designed with materials that are made to last, guaranteeing a constant and high level of purification over the years.


A better quality of life

GOCCIA filters water naturally and significantly improves the well-being of your whole family: food and drinks will regain their true taste and aroma, and you will be sure to give your children purer and more balanced water, which our remote technology controls at all times.

Sustainable innovation

GOCCIA means innovation and environmental sustainability: every detail is carefully planned.
For example, the packaging is made of single-material FSC-certified cardboard and comes from sustainably managed forests.

A smart purifier: always connected, always safe

GOCCIA can communicate with your smartphone (both Android and iOS) and send chemical/physical data to the centralised Nanosystem: you can always keep the quality of your tap water under control, while our technicians can configure the settings of your purifier in real time, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Guaranteed quality, always

Remote control

Water quality is crucial for your and your family’s health. The sensors inside GOCCIA constantly monitor the conductivity and hardness of the water, but they do even more by checking the functioning of the individual components of the purifier.

Easy installation and continuous support

GOCCIA is equipped with a wireless technology able to communicate with our Remote Control Centre: your system will continuously communicate to us the vital quality parameters of the water delivered. Our technicians are able to exercise real time control of the purifier and alert the support service which is always operational and ready to intervene.

5 brilliant colours

3-year warranty

GOCCIA is unique in this respect too: free 3-year warranty extension

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