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The water purifier that thinks about your family's well-being

The purifier GOCCIA incorporates unique technological features which are designed to guarantee the highest water quality in the long term, thanks to sensors that constantly measure water values and to the transmission of purifier parameters via wi-fi to the remote control centre.

Always there for you, always in touch.

Remote control

Intensive water use is most recommended for the well-being of your family.
However, this can put stress on the filter components and require a quicker replacement service than the 12 months usually required.

Data transmission via wi-fi allows our operations centre to constantly monitor the salt level of the treated water and advise you on the optimal frequency of maintenance service.


GOCCIA connects with your smartphone and allows you to read the operating parameters, the time of use, the litres of water dispensed and the benefits for the environment. It is also a direct communication channel with the Service Department, always there for you!


The water purifier GOCCIA can talk to our systems to self-monitor its operation, planning periodic maintenance in complete safety and allowing our technicians to modify the parameters to ensure optimum performance.


Technology made in Italy

GOCCIA is entirely made in Italy: all mechanical components are designed and assembled in Italy, according to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Efficiency at hand

This most effective system purifies water and reduces PFAS, bringing them below detection limits through nanofiltration.

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A new ally at home

Well-being and health

GOCCIA is the best way to purify your tap water by reducing PFAS and protecting the health and well-being of your family. Using water purified by nanofiltration contributes to a more effective digestion and diuresis, enhances the natural flavours of food and drink, and delays skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.


Getting pure water directly from the tap saves you money on buying bottled water and produces less plastic waste.


By avoiding buying bottled water you can cut down on plastic consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

3-year warranty

GOCCIA is unique in this respect too: free 3-year warranty extension

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