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Nanosystem water purifiers use the innovative technology of membrane nanofiltration, which removes water-soluble substances from water, balances the mineral salts and reduces salts and PFAS, bringing them below detection indexes (less than 2 nanograms per litre).

The use of this technology makes GOCCIA the most efficient purifier because, unlike reverse osmosis systems, it guarantees purified quality water without any additional mixing.
All this with up to 6 times less energy consumption.


Benefits compared to other purifiers


UV lamp


Virus and bacteria


chemical products

Nanofiltration: purer water from your home tap

The advantage of nanofiltration is that it is a mechanical and not a chemical treatment. Acting as a barrier, it allows some substances to flow through but retains others.

The water obtained with GOCCIA is very soft and has a very low hardness (the total content of calcium and magnesium salts).


Softeners act exclusively on calcium molecules
and do not remove other pollutants in the water such as nitrites, metals and other types of salt.


Reverse osmosis systems, initially created to desalinate seawater, completely eliminate PFAS, but at the same time they produce practically distilled and undrinkable water, which has to be mixed with non-purified water (via a by-pass) or with mineral salts to become drinking water.

3-year warranty

GOCCIA is unique in this respect too: free 3-year warranty extension

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